Pedro, owner of NYC’s Top Dog, Inc., ¬†joined Animal Care and Control of NYC as service representative at the Bronx pet receiving center in January 1996. Prior to being service representative, he served as a helper at the Rosario Farm in the Dominican Republic. Pedro has over 20 years of experience with animals. From farm animals to domestic animals, customer care, overseeing all animal care at the shelter including kennels, medical care and special needs.

Eventually, Pedro was promoted by Elizabeth Keller to Shelter Manager for the Manhattan Care Center. He was in charge of a lot more than he could have ever hoped for but he knew he could handle it. From payroll, to ordering supplies, scheduling of staff, responsible for the medical department and New Hope department. The New Hope department is made up of staff that advocate for the animals until they found placement with rescue groups or forever homes.

This opportunity gave Pedro the time to work closely with the line staff to make sure that the animals were well cared for and ensured the procedures were followed. The euthanasia list dropped and adoptions including rescue placement increased! As a Shelter Manger of the Animal Care & Control of NYC, he led a successful turn-around bringing the placement of surrender animal to the lowest it has ever been and adoption/rescue of those animals to the highest ever, euthanasia dropped to a record low within 1 year.

As shelter manager of Animal Care & Control adoption placement, rescue placement, donation and other revenue grew under his leadership. He also served as representative for shelter staff where he added and integrated multiple channels to better serve customers, animals and work with different departments. He directed the management of several key functions and their associated programs, including Animal Handling and Customer Service and Retail Operations. All thanks to Elizabeth Keller, who¬†gave Pedro the opportunity to become the shelter manager and he established one of the best shelters. In his spare time, he was a driver for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals where he drove animals out of the care center to their new homes.